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Just when you think its your typical Mondays

You gotta suck it up and get yo laugh on >> See more!!! <<

Epic WTFs

When all seems to be just completely wrong around you we give it to you even worse! >> See more!!! <<

Demotivational Pictures

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Ridiculous Stuff

Things that are just so completely ridiculous that they needed their own section >> See more!!! <<


It’s True – 95% of females out there

This is pretty true for about 95% of the females out there, if your a female and you just got offended, you better look at your past history cuz I bet its you.

CAPTION THIS!!! – Caption Time


Laugh Loudly!!! Watch yo Crescent Roll!!

Watch yo “Crescent Roll”

It’s True – Pictures of me off your Facebook

This is so many of your parents, don’t lie…

More Randomness – No no no

No no no, that justsss won’t do…

Random Ridiculousness – 1/2 Off!

1/2 Off! Get Em while they hot

Going To Hell For This – WEEEEEEEEE!!!


Good Advice – Always be Careful to not…

Always be careful to not…

TOO MUCH??? an theeeenn…

TOO MUCH??? an theeeenn…

Random Ridiculousness – DID SOMEONE SAY….

Random Ridiculousness – DID SOMEONE SAY….